Narendra Modi is rattled by the Congress manifesto: P. Chidambaram

Mr. Modi has called the Congress election manifesto a bundle of lies and that it has come with an expiry date of May 23.

“The Prime Minister believes in a presidential system... the Cabinet is completely non-functional and ornamental”.

Why does not Mr. Modi speak about the promises that he made before 2014? Which promise he kept? The Congress manifesto has taken the country by storm. It is the principal talking point across towns and villages. It is obvious that Mr. Modi is rattled by the Congress manifesto and the great thought and effort that had gone into writing the manifesto.

Former Union Finance Minister and architect of the Congress party’s manifesto P. Chidambaram says Prime Minister Narendra Modi is rattled by the promises made in the document. Speaking at his home in Managiri near Karaikudi he also said Mr. Modi would attempt to change India’s parliamentary system into a presidential system.