USports aims to create official e-sports federation of India

The vision is to mobilise the whole country towards e-sports and eventually form state bodies or charters to drive the agenda at the grassroots level with the endorsement of the Sports Ministry

USports is in talks with the Ministry of State, Youth Affairs and Sports India to form the official E-Sports Federation of India. The initiative has been taken up by Ronnie Screwvala, Founder, U Sports and Supratik Sen, CEO and Co-Founder, U Sports. The aim is to create a single internationally and nationally recognised body for India that will positively help shape the future of competitive gaming.

The plan is to achieve this with the endorsement of Sports Minister Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, Minister of State, Youth Affairs and Sports India.

Screwvala and Sen’s vision is to mobilise the whole country towards e-sports, eventually form state bodies or charters to drive the agenda at the grassroots level. To see this through and start the process, they would like to see Screwvala helming the President chair/ seat of the federation.

The Federation will work to be a governing body for all Indian e-sports events and will promote the amicable relations among partner nations through the sport. Though at a preliminary stage, its intent will be to encourage, organise, educate and train e-sports athletes in India. It will offer young e-athletes a boost and generate synergies with traditional sports.

In fact, U Cypher, India’s multi-platform multi-game e-sports championship, was developed with an aim to give potential e-sports athletes in India an opportunity to showcase their talent to the nation by taking it on television.

Screwvala said, “We believe there is tremendous talent in India. By forming an official Federation, we want to provide e-sports athletes the ratified government support they need to compete at global or international levels and to also evolve a structured and fair e-sports competition. Now with international markets like the USA formally distinguishing e-sports as an official sport and granting visas for professional e-sports players, and universities announcing athletic scholarships to e-sports players, India is not far away from recognising this sport and its players as a career option.”

“This sport is a global phenomenon and India is not far behind. We have the talent and the passion, and with an official body, these athletes will only get encouraged to showcase their talent. We at U Cypher want to position e-sports as full-time sport and career opportunity and though it's at the very initial stage, this Federation will help widen the player base. And allow people to see the bigger picture of the sport,” added Sen.

e-sports is officially announced as an exhibition sport in the 2018 Asian Games and being listed in the 2022 Asian Games in China.

USports e-sports federation of India